Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rainy and lazy end of summer days!

Ah! It's a calm, cool, rainy day here in Southeast Alabama. My favorite kind of days, where you just know the best kind of sleep you're going to get is listening to the rain. That's where we are right night, Boogie- who sleeps like me- is fully enjoying an extra long nap which I credit to the rain.

Afternoon nap with Monkey
Or it could be credited to the fun-filled day we had yesterday spending time playing and swimming with cousin E.

Boogie, much like her daddy, would rather spend her time outside and in the water, than inside playing with toys. What fun is having baby dolls if they can't go digging for dinosaurs in the dirt? I can't even imagine what the first fishing trip will be like, but I plan to go and capture every single (and utterly disgusting) bit of the momentous "daddy-daughter fishing day" on film. 

My little fish!

If you look closely, you can see her little legs kicking her around!

I think what I love so much about spending lazy end of summer days with my family is that we are all so close. We accept each other for our faults and difference and this clearly reflects in our children and how much they love each other!

In other news I'm in my second trimester officially! Less than 200 days until our Baby Nowell is here and the excitement grows everyday, although I'm finding myself growing more and more anxious and always finding something that needs to be done with the house. I've been thinking about reworking the house and organizing better. I still haven't decided between Boogie and school I just don't know when I would work this in, but still, I might try.

Weekly Pregnancy Update!

How far along? 12 weeks
Total weight gain: two pounds
Maternity clothes? Yes!

Stretch marks? no new ones ;)

Sleep: It's been a long and draining process the past week trying to get sleep. I'm sure this is partly to blame on my cold and this cough I can't get rid of, but I'm starting to notice it's getting harder and harder to sleep on my stomach and I'm such a stomach sleeper!
Best moment this week: Thinking I felt the flutter of movement, it was the faintest of flutters, but it wasn't gas!

Miss Anything?  Having a drink with friends, but this is so worth it!
Movement: According to my ultrasound Baby Nowell moves constantly, but I haven't felt her outside yet, but the faintest of movements inside!

Food cravings: Fruits and veggies. Recently it's been tomato's (with salt), cucumbers (with ranch), watermelon, and turnip greens.
Anything making you queasy or sick: My toothpaste. I'm still using it but when I make my way into town this week I will be finding a different flavor and seeing if that helps.
Gender Prediction:  Girl, although Deven is predicting boy!

Labor Signs: Not yet, thankfully!

Symptoms: Lots of gas and heartburn! Let's not forget nausea and peeing.
Belly Button in or out? In

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy and Tired!

Looking forward to: The second trimester and feeling the actual movements and finding out the baby sex!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgivng!

I must say I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Boogie and I spend the night before with my dad and little sister, we had fun just handing out and relaxing, unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures from when we were there, but I did get a totally cute picture of my dad and Boogie. It reminds me of when she was first born and the very first picture we have of him holding her is almost exactly the same, she's crying and he can't stop laughing. Funny!

I was going to make this post full of pictures from time with family, but I think I've decided to not to, I think sometimes we are all too visual and we never take a moment to saver the words typed on the screen. Instead, I'm going to be thankful for my daughter, my wife, our families, and the good food and time we have to share and spend with our families. Way too often we take for granted those times and those memories and we don't realize it until it's too late.

So, I hope everyone who reads this had a wonderful Thanksgiving and will continue to have a blessed holiday season!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Catching Up!

It's been over a month since I've updated and so for this blog I'm going to play catch up :)

Putting Aubie's information in at Build-A-Bear

 Now, you can believe me or not, but she actually, truly, picked out her tiger, it's outfit, and then kept saying "Aubie" so that's how it got it's name. Maybe we go on too much about Auburn football around here, but
WAR EAGLE! Haha! We had some time to visit with family earlier in September and Boogie enjoyed playing with second cousin Easton!

Aunt Debbie

Sweet cousins!

Easton and his mommy (my cousin) Holly :)
 With Fall comes some of my favorite holidays including Halloween and with this comes fun activities like Zoo Boo, pumpkin crafts and carving, and Trick or' Treating!

Cutie with a pumpkin

Decorating her pumpkin

Her finished product, she's a crafty Boogie!

Swinging in the big girl swing

She finally knows how to make the horses rock

My future cheerleader!

Boogie says every barn should have banana's and oranges!

I am 1...and 17 months!

Out of 12 pictures, this was the best out take and of course I look horrible, but I love playing around with  my Boogster!
 There are so many more but I am about to pass out so I bid farewell until tomorrow when I hit you with another round of catch up. Tomorrow we show off Zoo Boo and Boogies first trip to the National Peanut Festival!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zoo Fun!

In this household we are card carrying members of the Montgomery Zoo and we use that membership as much as possible. Boogie loves animals and this was a great investment for us, every time we go she finds another new animal to love; First it was the monkeys, the next visit we loved the Canadian Lynx, and this visit it was the cheetah!

It was such a beautiful day that we decided spontaneously Sunday morning to head to Montgomery. This made for a hectic momma, but I had all of us ready in half and hour and once we got there it was a blast!

Playing with the flower bed

No pictures please!
Our first stop was the birds. Now usually we save this part of the zoo for last and normally, we can bypass the birds altogether, but now that Boogie is able to be free she set her sights on my worst nightmare. The bird cages.  Of course, we had to walk through the cage, but since I'm deathly afraid of these creatures of flight, I left that experience for my brave little Boogie and her momma D.

Bird cage...

My brave little Boogie!

After that we saw the gator and the monkeys!

We let Boogie do a lot of walking, the goal was that she would be so tired she wouldn't fight sleep at bedtime and boy did she ever relish in the freedom...occasionally stopping to make sure we weren't too far behind!

"coming, mom?"
After a quick stop to see the Sloth Bear, it was lunch time!


We then ventured off to see the Monkey's, the elephants, the Eagle, and much more! We took a couple of spills with our freedom, too! We especially got up close and personal with a cheetah!

This was how we looked at all the grass animals
a little fall

but she was a trooper and kept on running!

more monkeys!

Up close!

After all that running around it was time to cool down by taking the Zoo train around to get a better glimpse at all the animals we saw that day! Although, we weren't too fond of the tunnel where everyone screams to let walkers know the train is coming...

we didn't care for the tunnel...
After that it was time to head home and it looks like mommy accomplished her goal, for we were passed out with in seconds of going down for bed! 

after a day of fun!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lions & Tigers & Bears!

Okay, maybe there weren't any bears or lions, but there was tigers and elephants- which are so much cooler than bears anyway...Where did we see these creatures of the wild? At the circus of course. This was Boogies first ever visit to a circus and she loved it. She had fun watching the "kitties" and meeting the clowns. I was sure she would have freaked out, but no, she seemed to make fast friends with all the clowns. Ninety percent of the show kept her captivated and she clapped and clapped and laughed and laughed!

Ready to go!
Watching the Elephant give rides with Aunt Hanna!

After getting our tickets and screaming in awe of the elephants, we met a few clowns, some of which she didn't care for, but we did meet one who painted Boogies' face and Boogie took such a liking to her that she recognized her when we were leaving.

The process of...

The finished product, it's so cute and even matches her shirt!

Once all the outside fun was done,we grabbed a "Dory" balloon and headed under the Big Top and it was so much more fun than even I anticipated! The Ringmaster was loud, as I'm sure he is supposed to be and all the animals were Boogies favorite parts!

This is the Balloon she picked out, should have guessed "Dory" would be at the circus too!

The Ringmaster

The "Kitties" jumping through fire

These guys were pretty funny, the performer on the bottom was the lady who did Boogie's face paint.

Watching the Circus!

If you notice in the above picture, a decent amount of the facial butterfly has disappeared. Where did it go you ask? She smeared it trying to rub away the sleepiness  

Camel's, pony, horse, donkey, and llama

Another clown act, this one actually scared Boogie
These ladies where my favorite part to watch, so talented and actually kind of graceful as they dangled through the air on hoops, ropes, and fabric. I also kind of loved their outfits. Probably because I'm partical to the color pink, but they were super cute.


All in all it was a great afternoon and we can't wait until the next time!